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UCLA Transportation

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UCLA Transportation offers a variety of options for students who need to commute every day, weekends or holidays, or just want to get around the city. There are options for walking, biking, public transit, carpool, and vanpool.

  • Maps of UCLA

  • Driving directions to UCLA.

  • If you will be driving to campus most days and need to park remember that parking passes go very quickly and there are specific due date for parking application. It is important to stay on top of these dates and deadlines as parking off campus can be very difficult and time consuming.

Commuter Options

There are many options as a commuter at UCLA, especially if you use public transportation. Certainly try to team up with other transfers who are commuting from where you live (post it on the UCLA Transfer Facebook Group) and share the driving. There are also the Bruin Commuter Club, BruinGo! Transit, and the UCLA Vanpool ( that offer less expensive travel options.

MAP Transportation Scholarship

The Mariposa Achievement Project (MAP) is the Undocumented Student Program's (USP) commitment to enhancing the academic performance, retention and commitment to enhancing the academic performance, retention and continual success of undocumented students at UCLA.

Students can get a small scholarship to subside their mode of transportation cost. The application is available at the beginning of each quarter.

***Unfortunately, you must be CA DREAM ACT eligible***

For more information, please contact the USP team at